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Solution Overview

 Inspur provides customized self-service products and solution to non-financial customers. It realizes self-service application among medical treatment, traffic, education, human resources and non-financial industry such as social security, energy and cultural media through deployment of issuing card machine, registration payment machine and self-service printer.

iCloud Smart Medical Total Solution(ISM)

  Inspur “iCloud Smart Medical” total solution is aimed at realizing optimization of hospital process, service channel expanding and improvement of patient satisfaction in medical institutions so that it can provide more convenient and efficient medical service to patients.

  Inspur “iCloud Smart Medical” collects personal health data through smart wearable device and physical examination integration terminal. It provides comprehensive personal health management service to customers and realizes easy acquisition of personal health care scheme and health warning through combining electronic medical record and deployment of Inspur cloud health platform. The scheme integrates with a lot of front technology such as Inspur medical cloud, large data, intelligent terminal, mobile internet and internet of things. As a result, it escorts for intelligent transformation of medical industry.

  Inspur “iCloud Smart Medical” total solution includes three parts as follows:

 1. Inspur Mobile Medical

  When Inspur mobile medical application is installed on mobile phone terminal, it can realize related business processing in cooperative medical institutions including appointment register, payment, query and service guide.



2. Inspur Self-service Medical

  It can realize related self-service business processing in medical institutions including issuing card, registration, distribution of medical record, payment, query and printing through placement of Inspur self-service medical equipment in medical institutions.


 3. Inspur Cloud Health

  It can realize service related to personal health management through placement of Inspur cloud health self-examination and mainstream wearable device in community medical institutions.


Inspur “iCloud Smart Medical” total solution provides patients whole process service covering pre-treatment, treatment and after treatment through mobile medical, self-service medical and cloud health application:


1.Self-service issuing card

  It provides convenient distribution channel of diagnosis and treatment card, health card, social security card and medical record.

2. Intelligent hospitalization guidance

  It provides functional hospitalization guidance service such as knowing physical condition and recommending department.

3. Hospital navigation

  It can implement comprehensive positioning inside and outside the hospital. In addition, it can help patients find the position of the hospital and department accurately and know surrounding traffic condition.

 4. Appointment/Number taking

  Appointment register, number taking and queuing management are convenient and quick; in this way, the patient can look through sequence and reduce waiting time.

5. Drug inquiry

  It can master drug specification and price at any time.

  6. Laboratory sheet and test report

  It prints results of the report through QR code scanning.

7. Payment during treatment

  It is convenient for payment and it reduces the number that queues up.

  8. Personal health

  It is convenient for looking through visiting record. Visiting condition in the past is clear at a glance.

 9. Healthy classroom

  Health status is mastered at any time. Self-test tool is practical and convenient.

  10. Health encyclopedia

  There are mobile health topics so as to achieve disease prevention.

Application Cases

  The cases include more than 300 hospitals.

  1. Case of residents health card solutions

  The cases include residents health card project in Pinggu District Beijing City (Agricultural Bank of China), financial application cooperation project of residents health card in Zaozhuang City Shandong Province (51 primary hospitals and 27 secondary hospitals) (Bank of China) and health card project in Nanyang City Henan Province (Agricultural Bank of China).

  2. Bank-hospital cooperation cases

  The cases include more than 200 hospitals such as Jingyitong project in Beijing City (Bank of Beijing, 22 municipal Grade Three A Hospitals), Shandong Provincial Hospital (Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank), Jinan Maternal and Child Health Hospital (China Construction Bank), Inner Mongolia People's Hospital (Agricultural Bank of China), Shanghai Mental Health Center (China Minsheng Bank) and Jinan Military General Hospital (Bank of China).