Smart Bank Branch Advisory Services


Solution Overview

  Comprehensive transformation of branch layout, flow, management and core system are carried out in smart bank branch based on the latest technological means such as 4G network, WIFI, NFC and intelligent equipment. In addition, unified management of software and hardware system is implemented in the branch through smart branch management platform so as to reduce manpower and resource cost, realize much higher service efficiency and more simple and friendly customer interface and create new physical branch with better customer experience.

The whole process service

  Inspur provides the bank smart bank branch consultation service and ground construction covering whole process service such as transformation consultation, innovative development, integrated joint debugging and operation:

1. Consultation service

  It provides consultation covering environmental analysis, customer analysis, transformation direction, branch positioning, construction idea and innovative function division. In addition, it pays close attention to experience and improves service and branch operation efficiency.

2. Project management

  It applies advanced project management theory to control overall project from scope, schedule and quality so as to promote the project completed on schedule and meet project requirements.

3. Decoration design and construction

  It includes design, deepening and construction according to the plane graph and effect drawing.

4. Strong and weak electricity design and construction

  It includes overall design, deepening and construction of strong and weak electricity system.

5. Innovative application development

  It applies innovative technology to realize development, deployment and debugging of business and experience equipment and system.

6. Multimedia display and development

  It realizes improvement of visual perception and auditory enjoyment of customers through multimedia interaction design such as video, animation and poster.

7. Integration of equipment and props

  It includes design, processing, arrival, installation and debugging service of equipment and props.

8. System joint debugging and trial operation

  The test engineer having rich experience realizes system joint debugging and trial operation.

9. Training

  There is perfect training system. Thus, it provides operation, maintenance and operation training to customers.

Solution Advantage

  It implements comprehensive planning through technology, equipment and channel. It starts from branch planning, front-end intelligence and background management to realize branch design transformation, business process optimization, business data integration and software platform integration. It plays an obvious promotion role in reducing queue of branch customers, optimizing business process, increasing customer experience, improving marketing environment and raising service efficiency. It provides basis of decision analysis to managers and realizes bank business transformation from “transaction and guiding” to “marketing and experience”. In addition, it provides new satisfactory service experience to end user anytime and anywhere, increases productivity, reduces operation cost and realizes prospect of smart bank and increasing efficiency finally.

Application Cases


The first smart bank branch in China Construction Bank Shandong Branch


The first new concept experience bank in Agricultural Bank of China Shandong Branch


The“quaternity” project in Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Branch


A smart bank branch project in Evergrowing Bank, etc.