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[Introduction] After the 4K channel land in Shandong CATV Enjoy HD Museum, it can provide digital TV audiences with ultra HD experiences felt as clear and true as on the scene. And this solution is provided and designed by Inspur.

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  [Introduction]     After the 4K channel land in Shandong CATV Enjoy HD Museum, it can provide digital TV audiences with ultra HD experiences felt as clear and true as on the scene. And this solution is provided and designed by Inspur.

  As the first HD video-on-demand product, Shandong CATV HD program brand - Enjoy HD Museum that has always attracted attention, has a new innovative action. The first set of 4K ultra HD channel "Enjoy 4K" has been formally launched and led play of 4K sources. It is said that the expansion of Shandong CATV turned out to be another big leap in the HD interaction field. It not only enriches the content, but also improves the picture quality by providing 4K image quality up to the resolution of 3840 x 2160. All above is designed to provide users with ultra HD visual experience.

  With the economic and social development and the improvement of people's living standards, the public has a growing demand for digital audiovisual while 4K is the new generation of display technology to meet the requirements of the age. With nearly 20 million users, "Asia's largest network", Shandong CATV, wants to run at the forefront of the age and starts to plan and deploy the 4K solution. "To get a real experience of 4K, 4K programs, 4K TV, 4K set-top boxes are indispensable." Thus, in the overall solution design, Shandong plans works including front-end broadcast system, transmission system and the terminal set-top boxes. During the channel construction process, the front-end broadcast system needs to include an offline encoder that supports 4K resolution, NLE production platform, unicast platform, content storage, large-screen monitoring and other complex functional modules.

  As there are strict requirements for the high reliability and high stability, as well as high specifications for the flexible scalability and open performance of the system, a full-featured, highly integrated video processing platform is needed to fully implement Shandong CATV's strategic plan. Inspur's 4K end-to-end integrated solution can fully meet the needs of Shandong TV's requirements for video compression and higher throughput. Inspur's solution can also help Shangdong CATV to rapidly launch ultra HD set-top boxes and channel content for providing seamless and high-quality services for users. In terms of terminal application, Inspur deploys 4K ultra HD set-top boxes for Shandong, a new generation of intelligent terminals that integrate digital television, interactive television, media information and Internet access and other functions and are equipped with H.265 decoding capabilities, family WIFI interfaces. Users can experience smoother 4K programs with more colorful and more realistic sound quality.

  However, with the popularity of 4K, the debate on real or false 4K also comes. Currently, the mainstream 4K intelligent set-top boxes in the market are upgraded with the resolutions up to 4K, which is the initial phase. The real 4K video revolution is far more than pure improvement of the resolution. Therefore, before the industry standards are fully unified, Shandong TV launching the real 4K at first is highly valued. As the first intelligent terminal product that supports core elements of real 4K, such as H.265 decoding, deeper 10 bit colors and 60Hz frame rate, in the current domestic digital cable broadcast and TV field, the 4K ultra HD cable set-top box of Inspur deployed for Shandong CATV helps further established the value of and trust in real 4K in the industry.

  In this regard, a responsible person of Shandong Radio and Television Network Group said: "As Shandong radio and television network becomes the one of first operators that deploy the ultra HD 4Kp60 set-top box based on the latest technology, we will be able to significantly improve Chinese CATV users' watching experience as well as ensure the network quality and efficiency." Meanwhile, the terminal product supports simultaneous demodulation of 8 channels, eight times more downloading channels than traditional set-top boxes. Therefore, it is possible to update data originally updated or downloaded through startup on the set-top box in real time, thereby reducing the operation and maintenance costs of the multiplexing bandwidth and multiplexing equipment providing front-end service data on the radio and television network. The responsible person concluded: "This solution greatly reduces the frequency bandwidth costs of the radio and television network, and saves the scarce frequency resources of the radio and television network, which is a great improvement on the operator's work."

  Focusing on the future strategic planning, Shandong CATV, as an industry leader, will continue to introduce 4K movies, documentaries and other content as well as accelerate the popularization of 4K set-top boxes after building the new 4K channel. Thus, we can offer consumers with richer interactive entertainment and 4K ultra HD visual enjoyment and bring new living room experience.

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