Inspur F37X

Industry’s first FPGA with on-chip HBM2

Product Overview

Machine learning, AI computing and high density computing are the most focused areas in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The Inspur F37X is Industry’s first FPGA with on-chip HBM2. It is designed to unlock compute power for applications such as data analytics, high performance computing, AI inference applications, and more, With unprecedented memory bandwidth of 460GB/s, it makes FPGA deployment and acceleration easier than ever.

Extreme Performance

With integrated Xilinx® Virtex® UltraScale+ VU37P, it 28.1 TOPS of INT8 computing performance and 1,304K LUTs

High Bandwidth

8GB HBM2 offers 460GB/s of bandwidth, 20X more bandwidth than a DDR4 DIMM to alleviate bottleneck Dual 100GbE to deliver breakthrough intercommunication

Ultra Adaptability

Support C/C++, RTL, OpenCL, greatly ease algorithms migration•Embedded development kit to increase productivity & efficiency.

Technical Specifications




Xilinx® Virtex® UltraScale+ VU37P


28.1TOPS (INT8 )


HBM2: 8GB on-chip HBM2, 460GB/s bandwidth

DDR: 24GB DDR4 2666MT/s , 3 channels, 72bits DDR4 SDRAM


PCIe 3.0 x16, 2* QSFP28 (100GbE), micro-USB management port

Look-up Tables (LUTs)


Power Consumption

150W (peak), 75W (average)

Thermal cooling



FHHL, dual width

Inspur F37X