Inspur M10A

Accelerator for Video AI Processing

M10A is Inspur's new generation high-density VPU(Video Processing Unit) accelerator for full-scenario video AI processing applications, which supports 16ch 1080P@30fps real time video codec with 8W ultra-low power consumption, and supports the powerful H.265 video encoding algorithms, which doubles the network bandwidth utilization, and reduces the CPU workload as low as 2%. M10A can fully support the leading multimedia framework FFMPEG realizing almost zero migration cost from current system. M10A provides the most optimized video encoding technology, covering full-scenario video AI acceleration demands, and comprehensively enhancing data center video processing capabilities.

Versatile Scenario Support

Extreme design for video AI, accelerating the full video analysis and process workflow.

Full coverage of video scenarios such as live, short video, video conferencing, cloud gaming, AR/VR, VDI etc.

Support massive video data compression storage, efficient transmission and other solutions.

Excellent Performance

Support 2ch 4K@60fps/16ch 1080@30fps real time codec.

Support H.264, H.265, VP9, encoding better than x265 medium.

Multicast function, one input and multiple outputs, up to 4ch video can be derived at the same time.

Preset 5 sets of encoding parameters to provide users with the best encoding configuration.

Mature Ecosystem

Support leading multimedia framework FFMPEG and GStreamer.

Provide video codec API, support customized video processing framework.

Support container deployment, K8S device plugin, easy cluster expansion.

HOST BMC centralized remote management, providing visual real time maintenance.

Ultra-High Density

half-height half-length, single slot width, support multi-card deployment in one server.

Per FHD streaming transcoding only needs 0.5W.

FHD processing density up to 3200ch per rack.

Passive heat dissipation, up to 55°C ambient temperature, strong adaptability.

Technical Specifications

Main Specification
Form factor Half-Height Half-Length, Single slot width
Interface PCIe Gen3 x4 (x8 Mechanical interface)
Power Consumption 8W (typical), PCIe slot power supply
Heat Dissipation Passive heat dissipation, support ambient temperature 0-55℃
Performance 2ch 4K@60fps or 16ch 1080P@30fps or 32ch 720P@30fps
Encoding H.264:
high supports up to level 5.2 4096x2160@60fps
main supports up to level5.1 4096x2160@60fps
main10 supports up to level5.1 4096x2160@60fps
profile 0 supports up to 4096x2160@60fps 
profile 2 supports up to 4096x2160@60fps
Decoding H.264:
baseline supports up to level 5.1 4096x2160@30fps
main supports up to level 5.1 4096x2160@30fps
high supports up to level 5.1 4096x2160@60fps
main supports up to level5.1 4096x2160@60fps 
 main10 supports up to level5.1 4096x2160@60fps
profile 0 supports up to 4096x2160@60fps 
profile 2 supports up to 4096x2160@60fps
Software Support FFMPEG and GStreamer
Multicast Support one video streaming input multiple outputs, up to 4ch of video can be derived at the same time
IDR Support the code to automatically follow the IDR setting of the decoding end, or insert IDR frames at any position
Parameter Preset Support 5 sets of Preset, convenient for users to choose different encoding quality
Frame conversion Compatible and support FFMPEG frame rate changes
BMC Board-level BMC, support to obtain board power consumption, temperature, FRU and other status information, support board reset and other functions
Firmware Upgrade Support firmware online upgrade through PCIe system interface

Inspur M10A