inMerge900M5 Series Core

Run enterprise cloud workloads of any size.

Key Features

InMerge900M5 Series Core, High density and efficiency

InMerge900M5 Series Core deploys four 2-socket nodes in a 2U space increasing the compute density by four fold, providing better server room space utilization.

The modular node design achieves rapid deployment, increases operation efficiency during node replacement and upgrading, and a 50% reduction in deployment time.

A unified power supply and cooling system is shared between each node in the chassis allowing for greater efficient utilization of power supply and fans. Each server node provides average energy savings of up to 15%.

High reliability, Easy management

A configuration of 1+1 redundancy power supply and fans ensure stable system operations and lowered risk of lessened availability due to server room or component malfunction.

InMerge900M5 Series Core supports TPM encryption chips to ensure data security as well as security control of the information system.

InMerge900M5 Series Core also supports a BMC+CMC dual-management model for an effortless unified management of the server's power supply and fans. In addition, users can check the regulatory information of each node through the remote management module.

Ultimate performance, Flexible architecture

With an all-flash mode, the 24 NVMe hard drives are fully configurable, resulting in a ten-fold speed. As a result, users can obtain higher input/output operations per second (IOPS), as well as faster access to cache and lower latency.

InMerge900M5 Series Core supports multiple Intel® Optane™ Pmem storage configurations, enhanced storage capacities, and non-volatility memory and storage. Consequently, the enhanced data processing speed meets diverse application requirements.

Each node also supports more standard PCIe expansion slots, multiple network connector options and greater network structure configuration flexibility.

Technical Specifications


InMerge900M5 Series Core Technical Specification


Supports 2 Intel® Xeon® scalable processor family CPUs with 16-56 physical cores




Front storage: 6x2.5-inch SFF, support all-flash/hybrid disk
System disk: M.2 interface SSD


Support 2 Gigabit or 10/25 Gigabit Ethernet ports

Virtualization Software

Nutanix Acropolis OS + Prism (optional Prism Pro)

Hypervisors Supported

Nutanix AHV, VMware vSphere


InMerge900M5 Series Core Chassis Technical Specification

Node Supports


Dimensions(W x H x D)

446mm x 87.5mm x 805mm

We provide multiple solutions for performance boost in different application environment such as HPC, datacenter, cloud computing ,etc.

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