Inspur NF8480M5

High Expansibility Computing Platform for Critical Application Load

Key Features

Optimal computation:

The server supports Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors which implements the innovative “mesh” on-chip interconnect topology that delivers low latency and high bandwidth among

cores, memory, and I/O controllers while improving the power efficiency. Intel Ultra Path Interconnect (UPI) links is used to achieve direct communication between processors.

It supports 48 DDR4 DIMMs with 50% memory expandability increase and 25% bandwidth increased, thus significantly reduces the system delay caused by frequent IOs.

It supports up to 12 NVMe SSDs, with maximum read performance of 3.5GB/s.

Stability and reliability

It adopts the innovative E-SRA architecture with BMC software dual-level write protection, and independent BIOS refreshing through BMC, which ensures a safe and reliable firmware upgrade.

It leverages IMD enhanced memory protection and PCIe hot swap technology.

With its SCSA super current safety technology and the ultra-low impedance power supply, it has low line loss, high reliability, lower space occupation and higher maintenance efficiency.

Flexible expansion

Inspur NF8480M5 supports hierarchical storage schemes, with up to 24* 2.5”/3.5” hard drives, 12* U.2 NVMe SSDs and 2 built-in M.2 SSDs which can be used as OS boot

drives, in order to satisfying storage requirements of different business scenarios. It supports 16 PCIe3.0 slots and 1 OCP slot. The PCIE bus resources allows flexible configuration, and

support free switch between U.2 NVMe hard drive and PCIe expansion cards based on customer requirement.

Quick recovery

The system adopts the new generation LIDS (optic channel diagnosis system) and DSFI (deep system failure insight) technology which can have real-time full access to underlying faults information, therefor greatly improving troubleshooting efficiency and accelerating the system fault recovery.

Technical Specifications




4U rackmount server


Supports single and dual Intel® Xeon®

3100/4100/4200/5100/5200/6100/6200/8100/8200series scalable processors; supports up to 28 cores, maximum 3.8 GHz (4 cores)

2 UPI interconnected chains with maximum speed of 10.4 GT/s per chain, maximum power pf 165 W


Intel C622 series


Supports up to 24 DIMMs; up to 2933 MT/s; maximum memory of 3 TB

Supports RDIMM, LRDIMM; supports [modes include] ECC, memory mirroring, and

memory rank sparing; Supports TB grade (12*) Intel® OptaneTM Persistent Memory (OptaneTM PMem)


Front nodes: Supports up to 24* 3.5" hard drives or 12* 3.5" hard drives + 12* 2.5" hard drives;

Built-in: Supports up to 4* 3.5" hard drives, 2* M.2 SSD hard drives; Rear nodes: Supports up to 16* 3.5" hard drives or 12* 3.5" hard drives + 4* 2.5" hard drives Supports SAS/SATA/SSD

(The maximum number of supported hard drives is configuration-specific)

Network port

Server supports 1* OCP card or 1* PHY card PHY: Supports 2*/4* cards at a 1 Gb/10 Gb network port configuration OCP: Supports 1*/2* cards at a 10 Gb/25 Gb network port

I/O expansion slot

Supports up to 8* standard PCIe slots and 1* OCP/PHY card slot

Riser module 1 expands to 3* PCIe3.0x8 ports

Riser module 2 expands to 3* PCIe3.0x8 ports

Riser module 3 expands to 2* PCIe3.0x8 ports


Front (chassis ports): 1* VGA port + 1* USB3.0 port + 1* USB2.0 port (can be connected to LCD)

Rear:  1* RJ45 port + 1* VGA port + 1* USB3.0 port + 1* COM port

(supports up to 2* double-width GPUs or 6* single-width GPUs)


4* hot-swappable N+1 redundancy fans (dual-rotor)

Power supply

Supports 1+1 redundancy, supports output power supplies of 800W/1300W and above

System management

1* dedicated 1 Gb network port for remote management

Operating system

Supports Microsoft Windows  Server  2012/2016/SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12/ Red  Hat Enterprise 7/CentOS 7/Kylin 7.4 etc.

Mainframe size

483mm (W) x 175mm (H) x 819mm (D)


Less than 67kg at full load, please refer to the technical white paper for further details

Operating temperature




Inspur NF8480M5 Color Page.pdf

NF8480M5 Product Technical White Paper.pdf

Inspur NF8480M5