Jack Yang Visit to Japan to launch an ice-breaking trip

11 August 2019

  From August 6 to August 10, 2019, the Vice President of Inspur Group & General Manager of Overseas Business Department Jack Yang, took Beijing Branch and Solution Marketing Department to Japan to launch an ice-breaking trip to promote the total solution of Inspur. During the visit, he visited the headquarters of M Bank, and had a deep communication with the global Executive Officer of M Bank, discussed the possibility of global multi-dimensional cooperation. And also visited C Group, introduced the Intelligent City Solution and AI Solution of Inspur. In addition, Jack Yang also visited customers such as S company, S Group, I Group and D Group etc. This visit greatly strengthened the confidence of customers in cooperation with the tide.


Meet with the M Bank

  Jack Yang meet with the Executive Director of M bank and his team to discuss the overall cooperation mode and direction, and develop comprehensive cooperation in customer recommendation, industrial chain cooperation and global project financing. More than 20 high-value information points were sorted out at this meeting. Next, we will promote the implementation in an all-round way.

  Jack Yang visited the director senior vice president of C Group, and conducted in-depth exchanges. C group highly praised the achievements of the Inspur, and hoped in future, can use Inspur’s advantage of technology and product in AI industry, to strengthen cooperation with Inspur.


Meeting with C Group


Meeting Site

  Jack Yang had a cordial meeting with the person in charge of Olympic in D Group, introduced the Inspur Solution in Minsk Sports meeting of 2019, discussed the chance of intelligent competition in Tokyo Olympic Games.


Meeting with D Group


Group Photo

  After the inspection, Jack Yang immediately organized a resumption of this visit. Jack Yang made a comprehensive summary of the Japan market inspection, and listened to the work reports and project progress of the front-line sales. He encouraged everyone to adhere to business-oriented, fully carry forward the spirit of "activists" and strive for greater victory.

  Assistant GM of Inspur Overseas Business Department Wayne Wang, Country Manager of Japan Yuanyao Wang, Financial manager of Beijing Branch Weil Lao, Senior solution expert Jimmy Li, Japan Office Aaron Mei and Andy Ou participated in the activities.