A Year of Breakthroughs – Inspur Information in 2021

10 January 2022

2021 was a year of breakthroughs for Inspur Information.

Inspur has been innovating and breaking through technology barriers in AI, cloud computing, and open computing to deliver rich and cutting-edge solutions to a wide variety of industries. These achievements have been validated by Inspur’s leading market performance and industry recognitions. For instance, in the area of public cloud infrastructure, Inspur has been ranked 1st in the global market for 10 consecutive quarters according to Synergy. Likewise, Inspur Information was also recently identified as a strong performer in AI Infrastructure by Forrester.

With its strong innovative capabilities, Inspur showed strong growth momentum in the IT infrastructure market. According to Gartner’s latest data, Inspur Information is now 2nd in the global server market for shipments.

Inspur’s innovative results and strong growth are due to its numerous efforts and accomplishments in AI, Open Computing, and ESG throughout the past year of 2021.


Advancing towards the next generation of computing

— The introduction of the M6 Server Family

April 2021

Inspur Launched the M6 Server Series, offering 16 products designed for compute-intensive applications

Compute power has been a driving force of the digital economy with the rise of online education, remote work, and intelligent manufacturing. Inspur introduced the next-generation M6 server series to deliver better compute performance for reliable and efficient business support. M6 servers provide industry-leading deployment density, performance, hardware decoupling, and quality that improves performance by 46% compared to the previous generation.


Strengthening all-stack AI capabilities and showcasing AI performance

April 2021

Inspur Launched 3 New AI Servers Supporting NVIDIA A30 and A10 GPUs at GTC Spring

The latest NVIDIA A30 and A10 GPUs provide customers the ability to meet the demands of today’s demanding AI and graphics applications. Inspur AI servers are among the first in the industry to fully support NVIDIA A30 and A10 GPUs, offering diverse product options to meet the needs of different sectors and scenarios.

Inspur showcased excellent AI performance in MLPerf Inference v1.0

With world-leading system design and full-stack optimization capabilities in AI computing, Inspur placed 1st in 18 out of 41 tasks in MLPerf Inference v1.0. Inspur won 11 out of 16 titles for closed division data center tasks, and 7 out of 17 titles for closed division edge tasks.

June 2021

Inspur won half of the titles in the closed division of MLPerf Training v1.0

Inspur’s NF5688M6 and NF5488A5 won 4 out of 8 titles in the closed division of MLPerf Training v1.0, highlighting the great value of Inspur AI servers in AI model training efficiency. Twelve vendors participated in the highly competitive MLPerf Training benchmark.

September 2021

Inspur Unveiled Yuan 1.0 Language Model

Yuan 1.0 is one of the world's largest language models with 245 billion parameters and 5 TB of datasets. Its parallel GPU computing and excellent performance in zero-shot and few-shot learning gives it the ability to generate language content that is difficult to distinguish from human-generated content.

Inspur Comes Out on Top with Superior AI Performance in MLPerf Inference V1.1

In the very competitive closed division of MLPerf Inference v1.1, Inspur ranked 1st in 15 out of 30 tasks. Inspur achieved excellent results in this MLPerf competition with its three AI servers — NF5488A5, NF5688M6, and NE5260M5.

November 2021

Inspur announced full support for NVDIA's inference platform at GTC Fall

At GTC Fall, Inspur announced that its AI and Edge inference servers will support NVIDIA A100 and A30 GPUs, along with the newly announced A2 Tensor Core GPU throughout its entire inference server portfolio. Inspur has launched a comprehensive inference product line built for applications from data centers to edge computing, providing high performance for users across various application scenarios.

December 2021

Inspur Information Impresses in AI Performance in MLPerf Training v1.1

MLPerf is an AI performance benchmark that has become an essential reference for customers purchasing AI solutions. For MLPerf Training v1.1, Inspur NF5488A5 and NF5688M6 server won 7 out of 8 single-node closed division tasks. 14 organizations participated with 180 closed division and 6 open division tasks submitted. As the winner of 44 MLPerf titles in 2021, Inspur showcased its leading AI training and inference performance.


Promoting enterprise adoptions and applications in open computing

August 2021

Inspur hosted OCP’s 10th anniversary

Open computing is regarded as one of the major innovation drivers for the data centers of tomorrow. As the leading member of this community, Inspur hosted the 10th anniversary celebration of the Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation, gathering technology experts from 23 leading companies to share innovative achievements over the past 10 years and discuss how data centers can become more environment-friendly and efficient for the next generation.

Inspur published Open Computing White Paper with Omdia

Inspur and Omdia, a world-renowned market research organization specializing in technology, released the Open Compute White Paper to facilitate collaborative innovation in the open computing industry. Open computing is a brand-new industrial collaboration mode where participants can share products, specifications and IPs of IT infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of innovative data center technologies.

November 2021

Inspur announced its open storage solution co-developed with Samsung at OCP Tech Week

Inspur and Samsung co-launched the Poseidon V2 E3.x reference system, the open all-flash storage solution designed for high-density, high-performance servers and data centers. Flash memory capacity was raised to 256TB. It can accommodate two rows of flash dies to support this larger capacity, while supporting hot plug functionality, lower power consumption, and heat dissipation requirements.


Empowering a better world with technology innovations

April 2021

Inspur supported AI upgrade of Northwestern Medicine’s data system

With the powerful A100 Delta-based training platform Inspur NF5488M-D, Northwestern Medicine implemented a high-performance data pipeline to allow deep learning experiments to take place without requiring separated duplicate health system enterprise data, which improved efficiency and dramatically reduced costs.

May 2021

Inspur sponsored the ASC20-21 Student Supercomputer Challenge

Inspur proudly sponsored the ASC20-21 Student Supercomputer Challenge, the world’s largest Supercomputer Hackathon. ASC is committed to fostering young supercomputing talents and promoting industry innovation. The competition attracted over 300 university teams from around the world with 28 teams advancing to the finals.

June 2021

Inspur's AI Solution powered archaeological genome analysis

Inspur partnered with a laboratory studying ancient DNA to develop a gene sequencing acceleration program which sped up the identification and analysis of DNA samples. This work is helping trace the origin of human civilization.

July 2021

Inspur released liquid cooled AI server with NVIDIA A100 GPUs at ISC High Performance Digital 2021

High-performance computing and AI require higher energy-saving standards. The newly updated NF5488LA5 reaches a GPU-to-GPU communication bandwidth of 600GB/s and effectively reduces the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) to 1.1. It ranked 1st in 11 out of 16 tasks in the 2021 MLPerf Inference v1.0 closed division data center benchmark.

August 2021

Inspur's AI helps Asian elephant preservation

A group of Asian elephants strayed from their habitat and entered human settlements. Inspur quickly set up an emergency working group and conducted tracking of the elephants’ movements using AI powered systems to safeguard the safety of both local residents and elephants until the elephants returned to their natural habitat.

August 2021

Empower ElectrifAi’s livestock welfare solution

ElectrifAi offers a powerful animal welfare product AnimalAi to help prevent animal abuse in the livestock industry. Using NF5280M5, AnimalAi can process data from cameras and run machine learning locally and efficiently with a continuous and reliable connection.

Looking ahead, Inspur will continue to improve its products and technologies to support customers tackling new challenges and accelerating their digital transformation.