Inspur Information Releases the A6 Server Portfolio with Full Support for 3rd Gen AMD EPYCTM Milan Processors

23 March 2022

Multi-core support with a high-base frequency will unparalleled computing performance

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Mar. 23rd—Inspur Information, a leading IT infrastructure provider, launched the new A6 server line that supports 3rd Gen AMD® EPYCTM Milan/Milan-X 7003 series processors. The A6 server line features multi-core capabilities that show outstanding performance leaps compared to previous generation of servers with an up to 28% performance increase in SPEC performance test. The A6 server line will serve as the foundation for compute-intensive applications in the enterprise scenarios, such as big data, multi-cloud and other high-demand computing applications.

“By launching the brand new A6 servers, Inspur aims to deliver better compute performance for reliable and efficient business support. The Inspur A6 server series features best-in-class performance, energy efficiency and scalability to address the enormous computing challenges imposed by the era of big data and digital transformation”, said Ricky Zhao, Deputy General Manager of Server Product Line and General Manager of Datacenter Product Line, Inspur Information.

“AMD has been collaborating with Inspur to deliver innovative and high-performance products to the market”, said Roger Benson, Senior Director of AMD. “The new A6 server line powered by AMD EPYCTM Milan/Milan-X 7003 series processors represents the latest achievement by AMD and Inspur. With multi-core configurations and a series of performance optimizations, this server solution will unleash more possibilities for handling complex and compute-intensive workloads.”

A6 servers showcase outstanding performance with multiple cores with a high-base frequency, providing industry-leading single core capabilities. Storage density and IOPS (input/output operations per second) are increased by more than threefold. With the precision engineering and multi-level security mechanisms, A6 servers are more intelligent, easy-to-use and safer. They ensure efficient and care-free operation. It is designed with open computing standards, such as the ORS6000E rack.

A6 servers are designed to provide ultimate performance

NF3180A6/ NF3280A6 is a 1U/2U 1S rack server based on 3rd Gen AMD® EPYCTM Milan processors. Powered by multiple cores with a high-base frequency, it can serve as a high-density and cost-effective rack server that delivers strong computing power comparable to traditional dual-socket servers. With the addition of flexible expansion, it can fulfill the specific requirements for cloud computing, distributed storage, big data, CDN, video transcoding, in-memory database and virtualization scenarios.  

Inspur NF5180A6/NF5280A6, powered by 3rd Gen AMD® EPYCTM processors, is a high-density dual-socket server that offers strong computing performance, ecological compatibility and configuration flexibility. This server features high quality and strong reliability, which makes it the ideal choice for a variety of complicated workloads, especially data processing, virtualization, high performance and cloud computing.

Inspur i24A6 is a 2U4N multi-node server adopting AMD EPYC™ 7002/7003 processors. It has 24 storage drives, multiple network options, and 8x 3200 MHz RDIMM/LRDIMM. It is tailored for high-performance computing and hyper-scale, and other tasks that require high core counts, large storage capacity and flexible I/O solutions.

Inheriting the design DNA of Inspur Information’s renowned server products, the A6 server line represents industry-leading performance, design and security. The line will serve as an engine to promote industrial AI and digital transformation by offering a foundation for a variety of key scenarios including multi-cloud, high-performance computing and edge computing.

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