Inspur Information Server Naming Nomenclature Update Notification

10 November 2022

Dear Inspur Information users,

With the latest product updates, Inspur Information servers have adopted a new naming nomenclature starting from the seventh generation (G7). The new naming nomenclature is divided into two sections: Series and Model. The Series represents the server product type, and the Model represents the server system configuration. In terms of the Series name, the element of "M7/A7/R7" will be replaced by "G7". The new G7 product family will fully support all mainstream processors from different platforms. The full name of the Series refers to a certain type of server product. For example, the name of NF5280G7 means that it is a 2U 2-socket mainstream computing server product. The model name represents different platform configurations, including different processors, storage modes, O&M modes, and heat dissipation modes. The new naming nomenclature will be shown on both the official website and product brochures.

Thank you for your trust and support for Inspur information!