Inspur Information in 2022 – Constructing Boundless Intelligent Computing

15 December 2022

Inspur Information in 2022

2022 for Inspur Information has been a year of relentless technological and product innovation aimed at constructing boundless intelligent computing for the world. 

This year, Inspur Information made great strides in product innovation for AI, open & green computing and the metaverse, achieved stellar results in renowned AI benchmarks and rankings, and cordially shared its insights on computing to boost industrial development. With those efforts and achievements, Inspur Information is more than ever capable of delivering diversified and cutting-edge products and solutions to meet increasing client needs in an era of digital transformation. 


Inspur Information unveiled MetaEngine, an NVIDIA-Certified OVX Solution, to fully support digital twin simulations

The Inspur MetaEngine is an NVIDIA-Certified System™ purpose-built to power large-scale digital twin simulations within NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise. It is the first server specifically designed for generating digital twins and virtual worlds and will function as the foundation to help industries prepare for massively complex AI-enabled applications.


Inspur Information led MLPerf™ Inference v2.0 across all data center Closed division

Among the results of MLPerf™ Inference v2.0, the leading AI benchmark suite, Inspur AI servers set records in all 16 tasks in the data center Closed division, showcasing the best performance in real-world AI application scenarios. Large performance gains were seen in image classification, speech recognition and natural language processing tasks by 31.5%, 28.5% and 21.3% respectively.


Inspur AI servers came top in single-node performance in MLPerf Training v2.0

The MLPerf™ Training v2.0 results showed that among the Closed division benchmarks for single-node systems, Inspur Information with its high-end AI servers was the top performer in natural language processing with BERT, recommendation with DLRM, and speech recognition with RNN-T. For mainstream high-end AI servers equipped with eight NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, Inspur Information AI servers were top-ranked in five tasks (BERT, DLRM, RNN-T, ResNet and Mask R-CNN). Inspur AI servers have won the MLPerf Training BERT benchmark for the third consecutive time.

All in Liquid Cooling-Inspur Information launched full-stack liquid-cooled server solutions

Inspur rolled out full-stack liquid-cooled products, with cold plate liquid-cooling technology being available in all of its products including general-purpose servers, high-density servers, rack servers, and AI servers, marking another major step in its march towards being carbon neutral.

Inspur Information launched the 2021-2022 Global Computing Index Assessment 

The commissioned IDC white paper entitled “2021-2022 Global Computing Index Assessment” of Inspur Information examined the correlation influence between a country’s GDP, the digital economy and computing power. It shows that on average, for every 1-point increase in the Computing Index of the 15 key countries, the national digital economy and GDP will increase by 3.5‰ and 1.8‰, respectively.  The paper shows that as a key productivity factor in the digital economy era, computing power has a long-term multiplier effect on economic growth.


Inspur Information's AIStation works with NVIDIA AI Enterprise to power innovation

Inspur Information combined its AIStation with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite to provide enterprise users with a convenient and efficient platform for utilizing AI computing resources. The combined platform allows enterprises to quickly implement the industry's most advanced AI capabilities and rapidly deploy AI applications to drive intelligent business innovation and the more efficient creation of virtual humans and digital twins.


Inspur AI servers achieved record-breaking results in MLPerf v2.1 Inference Benchmarks

In the MLPerf™ Inference v2.1 AI benchmark results, Inspur AI servers took the lead in 19 out of 30 tasks in the Closed division, successfully defending 11 performance records with performance improvements of approximately 100% in several tasks like BERT (natural language processing) and 3D U-Net (medical image segmentation).

Inspur MetaEngine supports next-gen NVIDIA L40 GPUs and Omniverse Software Stack

Inspur MetaEngine supports NVIDIA® L40 GPUs and the latest Omniverse Enterprise software stack to help users build digital assets more efficiently. With the support for NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, the MetaEngine server can perfectly combine the graphics and AI computing of high-performance GPUs with high-speed storage access and low-latency networking.

Inspur servers supports Intel’s Arctic Sound-M GPU

At Intel Innovation 2022, Inspur Information announced support for the Intel Artic Sound-M GPU (ATS-M) in its servers, and the Inspur NF5280M6 2U server supporting 4x ATS-M 150W GPUs and NF5468M6 4U server supporting up to 16x ATS-M 75W GPUs were both showcased at the event. Leveraging the Intel Artic Sound-M GPU, Inspur servers can deliver leading transcoding and compute performance at up to 500 TOPS (trillion operations per second) to support visual inference, media analytics, and real-time AAA gaming experiences.


Inspur Information’s four open servers were certified as OCP Inspired™ products 

Inspur Information’s three general-purpose Enterprise servers, namely the Inspur NF5180M6, NF5280A6, and NF5280R6, and one high-density cloud-optimized system called Inspur NF8260M6 were certified as OCP Inspired™ products, highlighting Inspur Information’s commitment to promoting data center sustainability and accelerating the adoption of open computing from computing to storage.


Inspur Information set the best performance in Object Detection in nuScenes Autonomous Driving Dataset

In the latest evaluation of the globally recognized autonomous driving dataset from nuScenes, the Inspur Information AI team won first place in the vision track of the 3D detection task (nuScenes Detection task), raising the key indicator nuScenes Detection Score (NDS) to 62.4%. 

Inspur Information launched its next-generation G7 server platform with Support for AMD EPYC TM 9004 Series Processors

With support for AMD EPYC TM 9004 Series processors, Inspur’s G7 server platform offers powerful compute performance, high flexibility and high scalability that is capable of handling a wide range of computing scenarios, including virtualization, high-performance computing, big data and AI, presenting an ultimate solution that drives exceptional time-to-results. The platform achieves an 86% performance improvement, providing a greener solution with liquid cooling technology.

Entering 2023, Inspur Information will continually reinforce its role as the leading provider of agile IT infrastructure to enable clients’ business innovation in a wide range of scenarios, proving itself the best computing choice for AI, Cloud and Metaverse.