Can data protection solutions help enterprises solve data security problems?

01 March 2021

security,virtualization, management cost, data mobility

All types of enterprises involved in image processing and computing processing are very concerned about data security. In order to effectively reduce the impact of data deletion and other types of problems, and reduce the impact of data loss, many enterprises will pay attention to data protection solutions.

Can this type of data protection solution help users solve practical problems? The answer is yes. This type of solution is effective. Many enterprises in the industry choose different solutions, and different solutions have different advantages. For example, some users choose the heterogeneous integration solution of Inspur Data Center Virtualization.

The solution provided by Inspur integrates the old storage resources through heterogeneous virtualization function to realize the unified management of resources, and can use the advanced functions of Inspur storage based on the integrated resources to improve the overall performance of customer data center, simplify the operation and maintenance, and provide efficient and stable data protection.

The intelligent heterogeneous virtualization function of Inspur storage is block level heterogeneous virtualization. The storage subsystem (the virtualized external storage system) can separate the RAID array from the storage space and map it to the front-end Inspur storage system through the internal SAN network. Inspur storage system will pool and integrate the space mapped by the storage subsystem, which integrated with the local space. And it can use Inspur snapshot and other features on the basis of the integrated resource space, and then map the overall space to the front-end host. The front-end application host can only see the logical volume. If it is on the windows system platform, it can be found through the disk manager, and then it can be used like the local hard disk of this machine by simple formatting and creating a new partition.

From the perspective of actual use function effect, the data protection solution provided by Inspur can effectively eliminate the impact of platform differences in actual use, which means that it can effectively reduce unnecessary time cost and reduce the management cost of enterprises using the solution in the process of use, so as to improve the utilization rate and enhance the efficiency Data mobility, this type of advantage also makes many enterprises concerned about data security take the services provided by Inspur as their first choice, and such services also bring good help to many enterprises.