Does a good data protection solutions help enterprise users much?

01 March 2021

Most companies are very keen for hardware equipment, after all, science and technology is productivity, but in the daily work, some enterprise focusing on the data protection solution is relatively low, this state of hidden trouble of the problems of late stage is evident in the, good data protection solution can bring a great help, such as daily mistaken delete a data file, or data loss, and so on, as a result of hacking type problem, for the impact of the enterprise users are very serious.

Wave LAN - Free data protection scheme solving a problem of this type, with the effect is ideal, in the traditional LAN backup scheme, because the data through the LAN network to transmit, when you need to backup the data volume is larger and the backup window of time nervous, network easily blocked and thus affect the normal operation of the business.

Therefore, in SAN environment, the storage network can be used to realize LAN-free backup. The server to be backed up is connected to the backup device through SAN, and the data to be backed up can be read and backed up to the shared backup device through SAN under the trigger of LAN-free backup client software. This independent network enables LAN traffic pressure to be shifted. In many solutions, hosts are required to manage shared storage devices and backup databases for finding and recovering data. This type of data protection solution can effectively avoid the negative effects of data tampering, data loss and other problems.

Whether an enterprise's daily business is ideal is closely related to data security, so it is necessary to pay attention to data protection solutions, and in the development of the corresponding solutions, in addition to the need to pay attention to security, but also need to pay attention to the cost of the issue. Wave launched by this type of data backup protection, has the characteristics of economic, practical, make full use of equipment resources, data flow directly by the backup engine control, data from the local disk, flows through the business network and the backup server, and the final written to the backup device, in the process of using the actual function more comprehensive, and use effect is more ideal, can effectively save the costs of the enterprise, it is because of its low cost, strong usability, the characteristics of wave by numerous users spoke highly of the service.