Is there a better data protection solution product?

01 March 2021

Data protection solution is a lot of enterprises are more concerned about the problem, in addition to using services provided by some enterprises, whether to buy the products reach based on the data protection requirements, a lot of technology companies, particularly the innovation of science and technology enterprise is very concerned about the problem of this type of a plane wave performance is excellent, the company launched the product full flash storage HF5000G5 highly appreciated by many users.

Its products can have such a superior performance and enterprise innovation and technology are inseparable, HF5000G5 the Active - Active structure, the design of key parts full redundancy, at the same time combined with remote replication, double live, both three centers such as reliable data protection solution, to store 6 9 reliability, guarantee 7 * 24 h uninterrupted operation of the business, to achieve the basis of the data protection solution requirements.

The feature of Inspur is its highly reliable hardware redundancy architecture. This product adopts a fully modular redundancy architecture with no single point of failure for major components. Passive backplane is used to improve system reliability. Support online hardware expansion, online firmware upgrade, online system maintenance, and support abnormal power down data protection; Combined with a variety of data protection solutions, to achieve RPO=0,RTO=0, to ensure the reliability of six nines.

Data protection solution for most businesses is essential, can be customized solutions or it is already ripe for the dominant model, but does not mean that this type of approach will have to be fixed service support provided by an enterprise to achieve, also can solve some basic problems in a product, but need to pay attention to this type of problem, the effectiveness of applying product level can play while ideal can also be used to describe, but the role of also is only for basic level, if it is for data protection very seriously, and the data is very important, under this condition. Technology companies still need support for data protection solutions, and while there are costs associated with this aspect, the overall analysis is excellent quality and reasonable price for data security purposes.