How to choose flash storage products to be more efficient?

01 March 2021

 In the development process of the enterprise, the Internet technology has been deeply plowing into every corner, at the same time, it has shown obvious advantages, some problems can also be made up by choosing high-end products. Flash memory products have a great impact on data storage, so how to choose a more efficient flash memory products?

1. To choose products, we must first define our own needs

Enterprise founded at the beginning of the establishment is based on long-term development of the Internet information as the main target, but because of the cost control problems, there are certain economic pressure, so in choosing a flash memory products, starting from low cost products to choose, but the product will have a certain capacity, to meet the demand of upgrading in the development of late.

2. Select products that require strong compatibility of flash memory function

The high-end all-flash memory products provided by Inspur can provide basic storage services for enterprises, while giving consideration to horizontal expansion to meet the constant changes in the development process of enterprises. In the process of upgrading low-end products to high-end products, data does not need to be migrated, and new content can be stored directly on the basis of the original data, which not only retains the original data, but also increases the storage space for new data, which is of great help to enterprise data analysis.

It is very important to choose the product brand

The cost of the product is determined by its functionality, while the performance of the product is determined by the brand owner who developed the technology. Why Inspur's sales share in the country can reach more than the general, one is the influence of the brand, one is the performance of the brand products by customers trust. For the development of enterprises, stable maintenance and after-sales service should be balanced with the functionality of products, so as to ensure a better foundation in the later development process.

From product to brand choice, the choice of efficient is based on the above technical conditions, the development of the wave has been based on the computation power, storage of functionality and compatibility was conducted on the basis of calculating force development of upgrading and development, so for the customer, high efficiency of flash product is collocation of high computing power of the server, and the products of high quality after-sales service. All of these are also to be built on the strong strength of the background, the launch of Inspur products not only to meet the needs of customers, but also become an important partner for the development of the enterprise.