What is all-flash storage? What is the scope of application?

01 March 2021

In the network era, if you want to have a certain competitive ability, you need to have strong computing power first, followed by storage capacity. For the storage of data there is a professional name called all flash memory, the understanding of this professional term and the use of the first to understand from the concept.

1. What is all-flash storage

Full flash memory is a storage form based on full flash memory array, which is mainly an independent storage array. It is a solid state storage medium. The solid state storage array replaces the traditional hard disk for storage, which can guarantee the storage function of big data and reduce the delay time.

2. The main application direction of all-flash storage

In terms of cost, all-flash is based on a high standard of IOPS, so it is expensive in the infrastructure, but in a single script run, all-flash arrays can provide more IOPS, with latency of less than 1 millisecond. The increase in average value has caused a storage premium relative to cost, and the improvement in performance has made up for the original cost problem. So now more enterprises choose all flash memory as the main means of data management.

3. Future development of all-flash memory products

Due to the different characteristics of the products, the market competition of all-flash memory array is not very fierce, and in the process of technological development, Inspur Information has realized the function of all-flash server local storage.

In the process of data running, if the disk failure, then for the storage system functionality will have a great impact. In terms of data storage, Inwave has launched a new high-end product, all-flash storage HF18000G5. Architecturally, multi-controller switching is adopted, full modular design, load balancing and performance bottlenecks are eliminated. Products support horizontal expansion, more storage space, to meet customer business needs.

High-tech era, mainly with high performance, want to occupy the main market competitiveness, it is necessary to upgrade the product from the basis. Storage has a very important impact on computing, and data storage using all-flash memory is now an effective measure to respond to the diversified development of enterprises, on the basis of not changing the mode, to expand the storage capacity, improve product performance, cost savings, is the main goal of the future all-flash memory development. Inspur Information has been adhering to the concept of innovation and science and technology, to provide customers with more perfect data services.