Whether hybrid storage can meet the needs of enterprise diversity?

01 March 2021

Hybrid storage, in recent years, has gradually entered the public's vision, the Internet and science and technology research and development enterprises have organizations to update this type of functional products, the use of this type of product effect? Can it meet the needs of enterprise diversity? This type of product has an ideal effect on the level of meeting the diversified needs of enterprises.

For example, Inspur launched the mixed flash storage AS5500G5, which can meet the use needs of medium and large enterprises, and can provide SAN and NAS at the same time two kinds of mixed flash storage system. With specifically for cloud computing, big data environment create storage operating system, a new generation of hardware platform and the abundance of software functions and features, good to meet the large and medium-sized OLTP database/OLAP,  file sharing applications such as data storage, disaster, such as demand, in the performance, function, the optimization design, reliability and ease of use.

G5 using Intel Cascade lake multi-core high-performance processor, hardware upgrades, for storing data processing efficiency of the system to provide strong support, at the same time, combining the G5 intelligence software, such as intelligent cache acceleration, intelligent hierarchical, intelligent QOS, and other functions, greatly enhance application efficiency, 8 control performance can be reached 3.3 million IOPS, up 120% compared with G2 generation. In addition in the system architecture level is more reliable, the hardware platform aspect of the system function is more comprehensive.

In recent years, many enterprises in various industries have been increasing their demand for hybrid storage, which is because the actual use effect of this type of product is more ideal. Both finance and medical fields or areas of education, to work at the new frame layout, growing demand for hybrid storage, wave launch this type of product, can not only meet the needs of users for the hybrid storage, and its stability and security is very good, especially in the intelligence service level has a good effect, can satisfy the specific requirements of different types of users. In terms of follow-up service, Inspur can follow up any problem at any time, and customer service can quickly help users solve problems online. Such service quality also makes Inspur products win a lot of praise.