What is a server? Its functioning

20 April 2021

What is a server? The service is considered to be something that is designed to serve a particular purpose. It may serve your by sending across messages to your WhatsApp friend or help chatting on Facebook with your colleague. All such tasks are undertaken on the server. They are considered to be the very backbone of the internet as well as our lives. These devices are designed to perform a variety of tasks like carrying out banking transactions through apps, playing games, etc.

Example of Server

Example is when you send across a mail through Gmail, you are likely to work on Google server. It ensures that your mail reaches the intended recipient. Moreover, it saves data and mails for a long time desired.

Server types

You can come across general servers such as WhatsApp servers. Here, multiple users tend to work at a time.  The other type is dedicated servers, used mainly to carry out specific purpose. This is done mostly by a single user. However, with dedicated servers, you need to pay some expenses for using it.

Server functioning

There are times, when servers may fail to function properly or simply crash down. These are common instances noticed across the globe. The reason cited for the same is that with increasing number of users or people working at the same time creates excess traffic on the server. This, in turn, puts extreme pressure on the server, thus reducing its speed significantly. Therefore, it takes a lot time to load even small sites. There are times when a banking site is likely to hang and not allow users to carry out their regular banking transactions. The reason is because either there may be too many users who could be using that particular server at that point of time. The reason for the device to not function as desired could be due to poor quality server. Such issues can be sorted out with some research and understanding. Hence, bigger, reputed organizations use only superior quality servers having top and high end configurations. This way, the server works smoothly 24/7/365 and does not hamper work. Such servers also ensure efficient functioning of the organization not causing disruption in any manner.

As a matter of fact, there are very less instances of Google website getting hanged even if users in unprecedented numbers log on to it at the same time. The reason cited is that servers that Google uses are of the highest quality known as well as of top end configurations. They are designed to handle increasing user traffic at any time.

So, what is a server? In short, servers can be termed to be the very reason for you to send across emails, chat on Facebook, WhatsApp, order food online, etc. You can do just about everything on the web through the different servers. Hence, they can be stated to be an important invention in today’s modern world. To ensure smooth functioning, it is crucial to regularly maintain the server.