Which is better for open computing?

01 March 2021

Many people are saying that the data center of the new era is more difficult to manage, and there is a lot of pressure on the operation of the new era, and the need for open computing to deal with it. So where did open computing come from, and what can it do?

1. The origin of open computing

With the rapid development of 5G, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, massive data storage and computing needs have emerged in the market. In the earliest days, an administrator managed a few or a dozen servers, so now an administrator may need to manage hundreds of thousands or even more servers, can be said to be overwhelmed.

With these unique requirements, the concept of open computing, a new solution, has emerged. The Open Compute Project (OCP) was started by Facebook to share more efficient server and data center designs.

2. The characteristics of open computing

Open computing to bring the biggest change is the establishment of open source data center hardware system, all of the participants, including the CSP, solutions and equipment providers, will be their contribution to the innovation of the data center, to promote the optimization of the data center, promote efficiency, save energy, reduce costs, etc., to better meet the needs of the cloud data center.

3. Open computing is better

The implementation of open computing requires many supporting factors, such as the deployment and application of CSP, as well as the active participation and continuous contribution of solution providers. In the country, if you want to find a strong open computing, it should be Inspur. As a first-line CSP and large-scale solution provider at home and abroad, Inspur is also a member of three major open computing organizations: OCP, ODCC and Open19. In open computing. The inspur is leading the way in open computing.

In the field of open computing, the inspur entered the market early and the layout was also early. It played a positive role in the open computing organizations of OCP, ODCC and Open19. After years of accumulation, Inspur now has a rich array of full cabinet servers that support open computing standards and can meet the needs of different customers.

In the inspur of data development, the earlier the development layout, the more opportunities can be seized and advantages played. If you want to find a good supplier of open computing in China, Inspur should be the first choice.