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20 April 2021

The future of computing now clearly rests on edge computing. It has been studied that edge computing will be a powerful tool for companies due to its several benefits. Although edge computing is a form of cloud computing, the central aspect is that it will decentralize or compute the data processing power towards the edge devices. Cloud computing is traditionally known to concentrate on computing architectures to centralize computing and data storage in a single data center. However, both services complement one another rather than competing out one against the other.

It means that both traditional cloud computing and edge computing are going to remain in the far future. Yet, edge computing is preferred for a remote location with no network connectivity; hence the mad rush for this technology. You can find more details here at en.inspur.com and contact their highly skilled staff for any queries.

Top 10 Edge Computing Companies

It is now clear that with phenomenal growth taking place in IoT devices, several small to large organizations have adopted edge computing for better network performance. The following are the best edge computing companies in the world.

1. ClearBlade

ClearBlade computing services is a Texas-based organization that specializes in edge computing software solutions. It offers a single platform for clients to leverage computation at the local levels, visualizations, and AI. It operates at the edge with its middleware platform that helps clients to connect various parts of IoT. It has unique products that relate to the numerous aspects of IoT with perfection.

2. Mutable

Mutable has its headquarters in New York and is one of the best edge computing companies in edge technology. It is well known for its low latency technology, excellent security, and efficiency in cable operators, application providers, and cloud providers.

3. EdgeConneX

It operates with its headquarters in Virginia and has shown top-notch services in building and operating edge data centers to the remotest locations. It offers a range of solutions, including multi-access edge computing infrastructure. It is well established in providing 5G network solution and power VR platforms too.

4. Cato Networks

It is based in Israel and offers software-defined SD-WAN that is quite different from its competitors in this particular space. It combines the function of network and security and offers unique solutions. It provides services by applying multiple traffic management capabilities and different tools from active link usage to overcoming packet losses by avoiding packet duplication.

5. Edge Intelligence

Edge Intelligence is one of the earliest edge computing companies to start an analytics platform built on edge computing and hybrid cloud environments. Its superb abilities rest on its software platform that can analyze enormous quantities of geographically distributed data for organizations. It enables data from routers, network servers, and threat intelligence platforms. And above all, it gives a real insight into the data for enterprises irrespective of whether they are few days old or more than a year old.

6. Saguna

Saguna is one of the older edge companies which focuses on providing efficiency in performance to communication networks by placing them on edge computing platforms. Based in Israel, it offers multi-access edge computing solutions to enterprises. It has unique technology in edge visualization and open management along with automation for these services.