Hybrid Flash Storage AS2600G2

Inspur AS2600G2 is an entry-level hybrid flash storage for enterprises’ structured and unstructured applications.

Key Features

Unified storage

  1. Unified SAN + NAS: One storage support both block-level and file-level services. This helps to simplify the data center architecture, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and respond to different business needs.
  2. Protocol convergence: Support iSCSI and FC to meet the storage requirements of different applications, such as database, file sharing, cloud computing.

Advanced architecture

  1. Scale-Out architecture: Support online horizontal expansion and up to 8 controllers, enabling customers’ storage resources to grow linearly to meet the changing business needs.
  2. High availability: Adopt a fully redundant architecture, fully modular, redundant cache, and active-active controller design.
  3. High scalability: Support up to 2,400 hard drives and 8 controllers, and a maximum cache of 256GB.
  4. Intelligent cache: Support active-active mechanism to improve overall storage performance and eliminate performance bottlenecks in complex application environments.

Intelligent software

  1. Intelligent local replication: Three local data protection mechanisms: clone, snapshot, backup. The combination can meet the needs of application testing, development, analysis, backup, etc. It effectively saves storage space and reduces investment costs.
  2. Intelligent volume mirroring: Volume mirroring function allows one volume have two copies, which can keep the IO access uninterrupted when one of the copy is damaged.
  3. Intelligent tiering: Hotspot data can migrate online between different storage mediums to optimize storage cost and performance, and improve customers’ ROI.
  4. Intelligent heterogeneous virtualization: Allow to take over third-party storage resources and form a unified virtual resource pool. Data protection, data migration between storages are provided.
  5. Intelligent thin-provisioning: Physical space no longer limits resource allocation. Support on-demand allocation to reduce early-stage investment and improve the utilization rate of storage resources.
  6. Intelligent management software: Support unified management of the G2 series. Also, an intelligent maintenance management system is built-in to reduce related costs and improve efficiency.
  7. Intelligent RAID: Traditional RAID (TRAID) or/and intelligent RAID (InRAID). Two hot spare methods: hot spare disk and hot spare space. Support Online RAID level migration and RAID-DP protection for single-disk or double-disk failures. Triple-Parity RAID is enabled to protect against three-disk failure. This mechanism ensures zero data loss. Also, multi-drive recovery helps accelerate recovery speed and guarantees performance during recovery.

Technical Specifications





Controller Cabinet

2U12, 2U25, 3U48

System Cache


Supported Storage Protocols


Type of Frontend Port

8/16Gb FC, 1/10Gb iSCSI

Type of Hard Drive


Number of Hard Drive


System Frontend IO Port


System Backend Port


Type of System Backend Port

SAS3.0, single port 4*12Gbps

Expansion Enclosure

2U12, 2U25, 3U48

RAID Level

RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, InRAID

Boost Resource Efficiency

Intelligent Thin Provisioning (InThin)

Intelligent virtualization RAID (InRAID)

Intelligent data migration (InMigration)

Intelligent tiering (InTier)

Intelligent volume conversion (InTune)

Intelligent heterogeneous virtualization (InVirtualization)

Intelligent SSD cache acceleration (InFlashCache)

Intelligent file service (InFileService)

Data Protection Software

Intelligent active-active (InMetro)

Intelligent snapshot (InSnapShot)

Intelligent cloning (InClone)

Intelligent backup (InBackup)

Intelligent disk mirroring (InVdiskMirror)

Intelligent remote replication (InRemoteCopy)

Mission-Critical Guarantee

Intelligent quality of service (InQoS)

Intelligent automatic cache partition (InAutoPartition)