Inspur Storage Virtualization Solution


Data is the new currency and the most important asset for modern companies. If companies can improve the economics of data and explore the business insight from it, they can easily stand out and are twice as likely to win a competition. However, 72% of companies have not yet started or just planned basic big data strategies. On the contrary, companies often spend much time and money to store and manage the data. A normal company purchase 24% of new storage per year, but with less than 50% of the current storage asset in use.

How to reduce the redundancy of managing and operating multiple storage systems and reduce the probability of storage management errors? How to effectively use different disk array resources to avoid isolation and separated management? How to efficiently accelerate the performance of multiple storage systems? How to effectively deploy storage without extra purchasing and implementation? Facing the increasing business and the explosive growth of data, how to manage block storage and file storage at the same time, and deal with risks occurred during storage upgrade and expansion?

In summary, the virtualization integration of the heterogeneous storage system and the effective use of different storage devices will be an urgent task for customers.


Inspur G5 storage enables heterogeneous virtualization of more than 95% of the disk arrays in the industry and further realizes centralized system management. Storage resources are collected in a resource pool and, through a unified system platform, are mapped to the host for front-end business access.

The virtualization takeover feature of Inspur G5 storage is safe, reliable and highly mature. The original data is retained intact through the 1:1 lossless encapsulation. The entire takeover process is transparent and can be completed without device shutdown.

After taking over heterogeneous storage resources, Inspur G5 storage can effectively and rapidly complete data migration at the storage layer. Inspur G5 storage also supports virtual mirror as a disaster recovery solution for the heterogeneous storage assets, which enables highly-available local storage.


  Help enhance the utilization of the data center with centralized storage management, unified storage resource pools, and on-demand allocation of storage resources.

  Virtualization integration re-organizes current storage assets to reduce costs.

  Online data migration supports the uninterrupted operation of applications and ensures business continuity.