Inspur G5 Active-Active Storage Solution


With the rapid development of the ITC technologies, the volume of information in finance, government, and telecom industries experienced exponential growth. The new infrastructure projects (such as 5G, AI, industrial Internet, big data center) involves the storage and analysis of the massive amount of data. At present, as a strategic resource and key production factor, data plays an increasingly critical role in everyday life, cooperate operation, and national development.

However, system failures, human factors, or natural disasters put data under huge threats. As data becomes even precious, data loss or business interruption will cause the company a great loss, and sometimes, even fatal. In this case, data security and redundant disaster recovery are indispensable in the digital society or the digital transformation of enterprises.

Previous disaster recovery solutions cannot meet the needs of enterprises for data protection and disaster recovery because of the slow response, complicated operation and resource over-consumption. Inspur, a world-leading cloud computing and big data solution provider, accumulated profound experience in the field of enterprise disaster recovery. Based on this, Inspur introduced the G5 active/active storage solution to fully support the data integrity and business continuity. By far, over a hundred customers worldwide adopt this solution.


Based on the technical accumulation and projects in the storage field over the past years, Inspur developed a business continuity plan. By analyzing the disaster recovery requirements of each enterprise, this plan balances the risk and cost and fully protects the data, application, and business layer.

Inspur G5 active/active storage supports flexible and efficient disaster-tolerant replication. Data synchronization between two centers and real-time cluster monitoring through sync replication and the automatic judgment mechanism of the arbitrator node. When the production center fails, the backup center automatically takes over the business and ensures non-stop operation. At the same time, the data in the backup center can also be used to restore the business system of the production center, so that the business operation can be quickly restored to the state before the failure, with zero data loss and uninterrupted business.


Data security: In the event of various unforeseen failures, accidents or disasters, Inspur G5 active-active solution can minimize the loss of user data and fully protect data integrity and consistency.

Business continuity: Inspur G5 active-active solution can respond to various unexpected situations that cause system failure, ensure 24*7 business operation, improve business continuity, and avoid reputation and economic losses caused by long-term system downtime.

Cost-effective: This solution supports rich software features. Enhance the overall performance of the data center through the unified management of heterogeneous resources. Intelligent management software helps achieve stable and efficient data protection with lower investment and related costs.