Since entering telecom industry in 1997, with technology innovation and industry development, Inspur has extended business to full-service operation support, business support, cloud network, IDC, ICT,  and others.

Now Inspur has become the largest OSS solution provider in China, served the big 5 operators of China and cooperates in multiple areas. At the same time, Inspur is actively exploring overseas market. Currently Inspur market has covered more than 130 operators in over 70 countries and regions.

Mainland China

Establish strategic partnerships with the big 5 operators and have the No.1 OSS market share and comprehensive strengthen in China

Strategic partner of big 5 operators in China

  • Establish strategic partnerships with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Tower, China Broadcast Network
  • Carry out comprehensive cooperation and gain outstanding achievements in fields of telecom operation support, cloudified network, big data, cloud, IDC, IoT, ICT, smart city, etc.

No. 1 OSS market share and comprehensive strength in China

  • Offer mature products and professional services of OSS, IDC and ICT for big 5 operators in China to deliver excellent network, service and experience for end users
  • Win critical domestic awards such as IT Service Innovation Service Award, Intelligent Operation Excellence Award, ICT Comprehensive Strength Award, Communications Network Operation Service User Satisfaction Enterprise, Communications Network Maintenance Service Support Advanced Enterprise

Grow with customers and play important role in the industry

  • Lead domestic telecom management standard development, fully participate in the construction of network operation, management and maintenance, business operation support, platform support and big data
  • Closely grow with customers and the whole industry, continuously construct, evolve and improve and accumulate rich experience, practices, knowledge and assets which contribute to the globe

Powerful network management and service operation capability

  • Manage the world’s largest network by network scale and subscriber base and build powerful capability on management of very large scale network, distributed network and hybrid network containing the latest and the legacy technology
  • Innovatively apply technologies of cloud, big data, AI, IoT and others to actual works and scenarios, enable higher-level intelligence, automation and agility to customer and bring new productivity and new value

Industrial digital transformation and innovation

  • Offer integrated ICT solution and various applications on basis of comprehensive capabilities big data, cloud, IDC, IoT and AI and partner ecosystem
  • Serve customers in multiple industries and accelerate digital transformation and innovation in fields of government, public safety, education, transportation, energy, finance, meteorology, forestry, environment protection, agriculture, smart city and smart enterprise

Localized service capability and high customer satisfaction

  • Have 14 regional centers with professional local teams and localized services for operator customers distributed in 31 provinces
  • Offer onsite service for customers, respond customer quickly and satisfy diverse customized requirements and provide continuous support
Hong Kong, China

Fully link customer’s strategy, build close cooperation and achieve significant business excellence in multiple areas

  • Fully link customer’s international and local strategy and cooperate in multiple business and market areas including integrated network management, intelligent analysis platform, internet data center operation and maintenance, big data platform and diverse applications, mobile app, etc.
  • Facilitate the business development and transformation in local market, help build intelligent and automated service fulfillment capability and successfully realize fast provisioning of local home broadband service
  • Establish enterprise-level data center, enable customer with data management and application development capability and comprehensively support business operation and enterprise management
  • Build HK technical service center, offer local premium services, rapidly respond customer service requests and satisfy their needs
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Comprehensively facilitate business operation and digital transformation in multiple market segments of the kingdom

In telecom market

  • Serve major telecom operators in the kingdom for nearly 10 years and deliver professional operation support solution and services
  • Focus customer demands and key scenarios and continuously contribute values to help customer enhance operation capability and service quality

In energy market

  • Provide energy giant with integrated power communication network support tools
  • Steam up business transformation of the energy giant, create added value on basis of existing wide and rich infrastructure resources and abundant customer resources, greatly reduce time to market and realize fast service provisioning and remarkable commercial success

In government and enterprise market

  • Take full advantage of Inspur integrated ICT capability, provide localized solutions and services and help the national public safety construction

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