Inspur Storage Nominated as One of the 16 Best Primary Storage Arrays for 2021

01 February 2021

Inspur Storage was nominated as one of the 16 Best Primary Storage Arrays for 2021 of Solutions Review, the well-known American IT industry media. It recognizes the leading position of Inspur storage which aims to accelerate enterprise applications and facilitate massive data operations by offering high scalability and extreme performance products.

The continuous innovation on product technology attributed to the standout and success of Inspur. Inspur provides a combination of hardware and software solutions which together address diverse midrange and high-end storage array requirements.

  • At the hardware level, providing high performance, capacity, and reliability products with the configuration of Optane SSD. Inspur storage configured with Optane SSD reduces access delay to 0.02ms and improves the access speed and life span of the hard drive. Thus, it helps to achieve a performance that is 70% higher than that of SAS all-flash, providing customers with best storage services.

  • At the software level, application efficiency is boosted with iTurbo intelligent engine. Inspur developed iTurbo intelligent engine technology to realize intelligent IO sensing and multi-path selection, organization and scheduling, driving efficient concurrency and flow of millions of IOs in the storage system. 

Inspur made a Challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage Arrays 2020. The Inspur  AS2200G2 has set a new record for price performance in the latest -1 benchmark report with a score of $75.77/KIOPS. This was followed by the breaking of the 16-controller and 8-controller performance records earlier last year.