Inspur Information Named a Benchmark Global Supplier of Industrial loT Edge Computing Solutions by Gartner

27 October 2021

Industries are increasingly adopting AI and analytical edge data processing solutions with Gartner predicting 30% of industrial control systems adopting this trend by 2025. Inspur Information has emerged as a global leader in providing smart infrastructure solutions, and is driving continuous edge computing product innovation across four cloud-to-edge product lines.

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 27, 2021 -- Inspur Information, a leading IT infrastructure solution provider, announced that it has been named a benchmark global supplier of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) edge computing products in Gartner's latest Market Guide for Edge Computing Solutions for Industrial IoT. As an authoritative research organization, Gartner has designated Inspur Information's IIoT solutions as noteworthy and important options for enterprises.

Gartner predicts that 30% of industrial control systems will have analytical and AI edge reasoning capabilities by 2025, compared to less than 5% today. Within the IIoT segment, the rapid development of edge computing capabilities will benefit cloud computer markets. For example, individual factories will make decisions based on machine operational data, while data from multiple factories will be gathered in the cloud for macro-level analysisTo advance data collection and analytics, demand for computing power is developing synergistically from cloud to edge.

Although industries such as energy, manufacturing, and transportation are developing at different levels, their application needs can be roughly classified into three categories: basic data processing, such as predictive oil well maintenance; complex event processing, such as remote fault diagnosis; and high-level AI analysis, such as analyzing exhaust gas combustion during oil exploration using both video and telemetry data. At present, most applications are still in the initial stage of data acquisition and data aggregation. However, more advanced AI application scenarios such as smart quality inspections and operations/maintenance automation will increase edge computing manufacturers' requirements for equipment performance, power consumption, volume, temperature, and humidity.

As one of the world's leading IT infrastructure providers, Inspur Information actively pursues every market development opportunity ranging from cloud AI to edge computing. Inspur Information's smart computing strategy continuously advances the performance of computing resources while integrating ecological improvements, enabling the green, intelligent digitalization of enterprises.

In 2016, Inspur Information seized upon the explosive development of AI to deploy early solutions for intelligent computing. A year later, Inspur Information predicted the growing market potential for edge computing based on rapid AI and 5G development, and began research and development of edge computing scenarios, jointly pushing for standardization of edge servers with industrial upstream and downstream partners. Today, from cloud to edge, Inspur Information offers four types of edge computing power infrastructure solutions: edge microservers, portable AI servers, edge servers, and edge microcenters.

Computing power is becoming ubiquitous and diversified. In the future, digital business, IoT, and AI demands will accelerate intelligent computing implementations across thousands of industries. Current predictions suggest that 20% of intelligent computing power will be in the cloud, 60% at the edge, and the remaining 20% in end user devices.

Edge computing has tremendous significance as a bridge connecting the cloud to end users. Inspur Information will continue to innovate in edge computing and promote ecological cooperation across industries, providing increasingly high-quality IIoT edge computing solutions, and contributing to the development of the intelligent computing era.