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Powerful AI&HPC Computing Platform

As world’s leading AI computing provider, Inspur offers a broad range of cutting-edge computing platforms to empower some of the most challenging AI supercomputing tasks the world facing today.


Inspur NF5488A5 is an exciting new addition to the comprehensive Inspur AI portfolio. Ranking first in single sever performance in MLPerf o.7, it supports 8 fully interconnected NVLink 3.0 NVIDIA A100 GPUs, and 2 AMD Rome processors enabling PCIe4.0 in a 4U space, NF5488A5 delivers outstanding AI performance of 5 petaFLOPS and ultra-high data throughput, making it ideal choice for a series of AI scenarios such as intelligent image, video and voice processing, financial analysis and virtual assistant.

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The NF5468A5 is the latest product in Inspur NF5468 series best-selling elastic cloud AI servers at home and abroad. It is the first to support the PCIe 4.0 technology, with 2 AMD EPYC processors using the advanced 7 nm process technology and 8 AI accelerator cards with PCIe Gen4 interfaces in the 4U ultimate space. The NF5468A5 supports the most leading AI computing technologies, provides superior performance, continues Inspur's high-quality and high-compatibility design, and matches the mature and outstanding ecosystem to provide powerful and reliable infrastructure support for professional AI customers worldwide.

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NF5688M6 is a new generation of NVLink AI server developed by Inspur for ultra-large-scale data centers with high performance, high compatibility and strong expansion. It is the first to support 2 Intel latest Ice Lake CPUs and 8 NVIDIA latest NVSwitch fully interconnected in 6U space. 500W A100 GPU. NF5688M6 is the industry's first air-cooled product that supports 500W A100 GPU, and can provide up to 12 PCIe expansion products, and supports self-developed dual-wide N20X, NV DPU and other smart network cards. Combined with the leading AI computing resource sched -uleing platform AIStation, it fully releases the powerful AI computing performance of up to 5 pe-taFLOPS.

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Inspur NF5280M6 is a high-end 2U 2-socket rackmount server configured with the 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors. For different application scenarios, NF5280M6 maintains the consistent high-quality and reliability of Inspur servers. The product meets the application configuration requirements of various industries with high computing performance, complete ecological compatibility, and flexible configuration, and is suitable for various application scenarios such as data analysis and processing, deep learning, and distributed storage etc.

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A flexible and intelligent server optimized for safe and reliable,operations in edge environments, including MEC, AR/VR.

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The NE3412M5 is a single-socket tower system inside an industrial grade enclosure, designed to quickly ship and deploy to edge and hyperscale environments. Based on the Intel® Xeon® scalable processor platform, its advanced performance, flexible expansion and durability for harsh environments makes it an ideal choice for edge application scenarios like on-site AI inference and data relocation.

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EIS800 is an intelligent portable and easy-to-deploy Edge microserver for the digital era. Its specifically designed extensible modules and interfaces achieve high customizability, which allows for rapid deployment across a wide variety of scenarios for intelligent Edge computing.

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Designed for near-side applications.Providing super edge computing power.Fan-less, small size, easy deployment.Adapt to all kinds of harsh environments.

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Inspur NF5280A6 is a high-end dual-socket server that uses the 3rd Gen AMD® EPYCTM Processors. NF5280A6 inherits the high quality and reliability of Inspur servers in different application scenarios. With the high computing performance, perfect ecologi- cal compatibility and configuration flexibility, NF5280A6 can fulfill a variety of complicated workloads, and particularly fits application scenarios such as data analysis and processing, cloud, and high-performance computing.

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NF5476M5 4U dual-sockets rack-mounted server created for mass storage High Density 4U Storage Server Large Local Storage Capacity Support up to 1PB storage in 4U 800mm depth system Precise Air Cooling Solution Accurate multi-regional and multilayer airflow distribution to eliminate hot spots and reduce drives pre-heat.

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AI&HPC Management Platform

Based on its diverse experiences in AI and HPC, Inspur offers a series of agile management tools, powering AI HPC applications from development to production.