Inspur Information Identified as a Strong Performer in AI Infrastructure Report

04 January 2022

Inspur Information was rated based on its current offerings, market presence, and strategy in the report which is a valuable reference for comparing AI infrastructure capabilities from top vendors.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 4, 2021 – Inspur Information, a leading IT infrastructure solutions provider, announced today that Forrester, a leading global research company, released The Forrester Wave™: AI Infrastructure, Q4 2021, which identified Inspur Information as a Strong Performer and recognized its full-stack AI solutions.

The report is one of the world's first comprehensive evaluations of AI infrastructure. It evaluates three key aspects of AI infrastructure manufacturers: current offerings, market presence, and strategy. This is an important reference for users to understand AI infrastructure products in order to make optimal vendor selections.

Demand for AI computing power is surging as application scenarios and technology architectures diversify

The Forrester report highlights the need for AI development to be supported by AI infrastructure. AI scenarios and the proliferation of digital businesses have accelerated in recent years, causing exponential growth in the demand for computing power. In particular, AI requires a high number of algorithms and very large datasets. Consequently, AI infrastructure deployments need to be done on a large scale, while also satisfying other demands, including high concurrency, high elasticity, and high precision. Thus, enterprises have increasingly high requirements for AI infrastructure and full-stack AI solutions.

The use and benefits of AI continues to spread to a diverse assortment of industries, including finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, medical care, and transportation. As a result, diversified application scenarios are the new trend in AI development. According to the Forrester report, AI training and inferencing workloads run best on purpose-built systems. Therefore, the AI chip market is in a state of fierce competition, with AI chips becoming more and more diversified. At the same time, management platforms must be able to support the diverse proliferation of chips to better manage AI infrastructure resources.

Inspur information aids digital transformation with full stack AI capabilities

As a major IT solutions provider, Inspur Information builds and delivers full-stack AI solutions ranging from servers to software. Inspur was identified as a Strong Performer  

Inspur AI full-stack solutions cover training, inference, edge and other AI scenarios. Full-stack AI capabilities include leading AI algorithm models, AI framework optimization, and AI development management and application optimization. Inspur has created a comprehensive AI computing product portfolio. Its AI servers have shown top performance in inference and training benchmarks at MLPerf, claiming 44 benchmark titles in 2021.

The Inspur AI Development Service Platform, AIStation, supports a wide variety of AI chips and provides management support for AI model development, training, and reasoning across all platforms and processes to help enterprises improve their resource utilization rates and development efficiency by more than 90% while also speeding up AI development and application innovation.

Utilizing these same full-stack AI capabilities, the Inspur Artificial Intelligence Research Institute developed Yuan 1.0, a massive AI model with 245.7 billion parameters and 5 TB high-quality data sets. Yuan 1.0 has shown top performance in zero-shot and few-shot learning, and can support the rapid real-world applications.

 About Inspur Information

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