Inspur Information Brings Its Diversified and Innovative Server Products and Solutions Portfolio to SC22

22 November 2022

Inspur embraces diversified computing, and showcases its expansive AI portfolio, next-gen G7 server platform, and all in liquid-cooling solutions

SAN JOSE, Calif.—November 22, 2022—Inspur Information, a leading IT infrastructure solutions provider, attended SC22, showcasing its broad portfolio of server products and solutions. Products highlighted at the event included a diverse array of AI products and solutions to meet any scenario, the next-gen G7 server platform, and energy efficient liquid-cooling solutions.

Industry leading AI products and solutions

Inspur provides leading full stack AI solutions via its world-class computing power, resource management, and algorithm platforms. It possesses an extensive portfolio of powerful AI computing servers. AI products showcased at SC22 include: NF5468M6, a highly versatile 4U AI server supporting between 4 and 16 NVIDIA single and double-width GPUs that offers ultra-high storage capacity and the unique function of switching topologies between Balance, Common and Cascade in one click; NF5488A5, which supports 8 fully interconnected NVIDIA GPUs, and 2 AMD EPYC™ processors for 5 petaFLOPS of AI performance and ultra-high data throughput in a 4U space; NF5280M6, a highly versatile 2U server that comes in workload-optimized configurations delivering robust compute, storage and I/O capabilities.

These servers, along with Inspur’s entire AI server portfolio, are built to handle the most demanding AI computing tasks like trillion-parameter Transformer model training, massive recommender systems, and AI+Graphics workloads with support from Intel, NVIDIA, Habana and other accelerator cards.

Inspur also showcased AIStation at SC22, an agile AI resource platform, to improve AI computing efficiency. It is designed to provide enterprises users with unified management and scheduling of AI computing resources, complete AI development software stacks, and accelerate AI research and innovation.

The all new G7 server platform

The G7 server platform, supporting AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series Processors, was the star of the Inspur exhibition booth, attracting the attention of many attendees. G7 products showcased at SC22 include: NF5180G7, a high-density computing rack server in a petite 1U enclosure; NF5280G7, a full-scene adaptable rack server equipped with OCP NIC 3.0 expansion slots; NF5688G7, the next-gen industry-proven AI training server designed for the most demanding AI tasks like trillion-parameter Transformer model training.

The G7 platform offers an 86% performance improvement compared to the previous-generation and features excellent flexibility, energy-savings, and reliability. It introduces a bevy of upgrades and innovations such as PCIe 5.0, DDR5 memory and E1.S/E3.S storage. The platform supports CPU XGMI interconnection, and can release I/O resources on demand as needed. The G7 servers also support advanced air and liquid cooling. The air-liquid hybrid cooling design maximizes performance, maintainability, and green energy savings.

All in liquid cooling

With improved performance, data centers must also strive for greener technologies and greater energy efficiency. Inspur showcased leading liquid-cooled products at SC22 including NF5498LA5, the industry’s first liquid-cooled AI server designed for open accelerated computing that supports OAM-compliant accelerators from multiple manufacturers and has a PUE as low as 1.1.

Inspur has been making great strides in supporting green technology, launching its "All in Liquid Cooling" strategy at the beginning of 2022, with cold plate liquid cooling becoming an option for all products including general-purpose servers, high-density servers, rack servers, and AI servers. In addition, Inspur has also built the largest liquid-cooled data center production and R&D facility in Asia to meet the most stringent data center green initiatives and carbon neutral goals.

About Inspur Information

Inspur Information is a leading provider of data center infrastructure, cloud computing, and AI solutions. It is the world’s 2nd largest server manufacturer. Through engineering and innovation, Inspur Information delivers cutting-edge computing hardware design and extensive product offerings to address important technology sectors such as open computing, cloud data center, AI, and deep learning. Performance-optimized and purpose-built, our world-class solutions empower customers to tackle specific workloads and real-world challenges. To learn more, visit

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